Red Rose not-for-profit school, Cardiff. For girls with special educational needs, aged 8-16


About us

As parents or carers, we all want the best possible start in life for our children - irrespective of their educational, emotional or social needs. At Red Rose School we provide a curriculum and learning environment in which children with specific learning difficulties can grow and flourish.

Red Rose School is based in Cardiff, South Wales, and is being set up as a not for profit independent day school for girls. Initially Red Rose School was set up with parents to better meet the needs of a small group of children for whom the National Curriculum was inappropriate, and a mainstream school was not the best learning environment.

Whilst some children excel at mathematics, science and languages, for the children of Red Rose School it was more important to develop an ability to read and write effectively, to communicate positively with others, to tell and understand the concept of time, to manage money and shop, and to cross the road safely.

With a requirement for meeting learning needs, such as those mentioned above, we at Red Rose School are continually developing a curriculum and delivery method that will furnish our attending children with the knowledge, skills and confidence required to function at the highest possible level during their adulthood - whilst ensuring they have a happy, fun and nurtured time during childhood.

To learn more about the ethos and daily life at Red Rose School, please feel free to explore this website and our main website. Following this if you would like a discussion about how Red Rose School can help to meet the educational, emotional and social needs of your daughter please feel free to contact us.



Our Contact details

Red Rose School is located in Cardiff, not far from the City centre. If you would like to contact us in writing please send all correspondence to:

  • Red Rose School
  • Allensbank Crescent
  • Heath
  • Cardiff
  • South Wales CF14 3PR

If you would like to contact us by telephone, you can call Huw Pockett: 07535 364 868  

If you would like to contact us by email, you can send your mail to:


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